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Taiwan International Boat Show (Rescheduled.)-Media List-It's Boat time!Smooth Sailing to Taiwan Int'l Boat Show 2022


It's Boat time!Smooth Sailing to Taiwan Int'l Boat Show 2022

  • Online Date: 2020/06/14
  • Modify Date: 2020/06/16

Taiwan is the largest yacht manufacturer in Asia and the world’s fourth largest producer of yachts, reaching a global customer base with the U.S. being the largest market.

Many yacht manufacturers choose Taiwan International Boat Show, the only professional exhibition of yachts, yacht-related equipment and the marine industry in Taiwan, to launch new boats and showcase the latest designs and technology.

The 2022 show will take place March 10-13 at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, in the heart of Taiwan’s yacht industry cluster in Kaohsiung City. Presenting every aspect of Taiwan's yachting industry, the show features power and sail boats, boating accessories and equipment, maintenance services, recreational water activities, tourism, professional seminars and other related products and services.